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Compensation Committee Consultant

Policy—Criteria For Selection Of Compensation Committee Consultant

The Compensation Committee established the following criteria used to select its consultant.

  • Degree of independence
    • Financial independence—measured by dollar volume of other business conducted with Pfizer
    • Independent thinking—subjectively assessed by their known work as well as information gathered in screening interviews
  • Familiarity with the business environment
    • Knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry
    • Specific knowledge of Pfizer, its senior management, and Board of Directors
    • Broad knowledge of general industry current practices and emerging trends
    • Public relations
  • Particular strengths and/or distinguishing characteristics including, but not limited to:
    • Creative thinking
    • Strong sense of corporate governance
    • Special areas of expertise
    • Ability to establish rapport or dynamic presence with groups
  • References from current clients where the consultant acts in an advisory role similar to the role desired by the Pfizer Compensation Committee
  • Potential issues
    • Conflicts of interest with other clients or Committee Members
    • Degree of availability/accessibility


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Pfizer Annual Report

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