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Fact Sheet


Board of Directors Information 2015 *
Size of Board 10
Average Age of Directors 63
Number of Independent Directors 9
Diverse Board (as to Gender, Ethnicity, Experience and Skills) Yes
Annual Election of All Directors Yes
Director Tenure - Average Years 7
Majority Voting for Directors Yes
Separate Chairman & CEO No
Lead Independent Director Yes
Independent Directors Meet Without Management Present Yes
Annual Board and Committee Self-Evaluations Yes
Annual Independent Director Evaluation of Chairman and CEO, including His Interactions with Board Yes
Annual Equity Grant to Non-Employee Directors** Yes
Board Orientation/Education Program Yes
Number of Board Meetings Held or Scheduled 10
Code of Business Conduct and Ethics for Directors Yes
Corporate Compliance Program Yes
Board-Level Regulatory and Compliance Committee Yes
Disclosure Committee for Financial Reporting Yes
Annual Advisory Approval of Executive Compensation Yes
Shareholder Ability to Call Special Meetings (20% Threshold) Yes
Policy Prohibiting Use of Corporate Funds for Direct Independent Expenditures in Federal and State Elections Yes
Rigorous Process and Expanded Disclosure Related to Corporate Political Expenditures Yes

*As of May 14, 2015