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Culture & Community

At Pfizer, our diverse team of colleagues is not only essential to business success: it also plays a crucial role in our ability to create a vibrant culture, both in our workplace and in the communities where our colleagues live and work.

Colleague Resource Groups

At Pfizer, colleagues will receive a warm welcome if they get involved in one of our more than 75 site-based Colleague Resource Groups (CRGs) located throughout the world. Pfizer has CRGs focused on the following groups: Asians, Blacks, colleagues with disabilities, Latino, LGBTA, Veterans, and Women, and in Europe, Diversity Councils that focus on all types of diversity.

CRGs are groups of colleagues who are part of and/or who support the goals of a diverse population. They offer support, developmental opportunities, mentoring and networking opportunities to help their members enhance their skills and advance their careers. They also contribute their unique backgrounds and viewpoints to help advance Pfizer’s business, and they help their outside communities by participating as a group in many volunteer and philanthropic activities.


Pfizer is a big believer in the power of mentoring – for both the mentor and the mentee. That’s why we developed an exclusive Mentor Match online tool to facilitate the formation of mentoring relationships, and why many of our CRGs take an active role in promoting and participating in mentoring.


Whether it’s sponsoring scholarships for students, or sponsoring health fairs focused on the unique health care concerns of diverse populations, Pfizer’s CRGs are as much about external community-building as they are about internal culture-building. And at Pfizer, the world is our community: we sponsor and support many philanthropic initiatives, such as our signature Global Health Fellows program, that help bring life-saving and health-enhancing medicines and health care practices to all corners of the globe.

Professional Networking

Pfizer’s CRGs support and partner with many external groups, such as the Asia Society, Black Ivy Alumni League, and the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association, to offer our colleagues networking and educational opportunities within a broader professional population. We also participate with these groups in talent recruitment and volunteer activities.

“Career success means different things to different people. We guide colleagues to determine their own definition of success and then we provide the tools, programs, environment and skills to help them realize their career goals.”

Beth McCormick, Vice President, Talent Planning & Inclusion

Whatever your path, Pfizer has a career for you.

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