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Emile Pfizer

Emile Pfizer

President (1906 - 1941) Chairman of the Board

The youngest of Charles Pfizer's three sons, Emile, joined the family business at age 22. He served as president from 1906 to 1941 and briefly as chairman before his death. Emile Pfizer was made president at a special board meeting held at the end of 1905, when his elder brother Charles Pfizer, Jr., noted huntsman and cross-country steeplechase rider with no real interest in the business, was asked to resign as president and director.

Although Emile Pfizer proved more successful at dividing his attention between roles as a Pfizer executive and his own passion for horse breeding, polo playing, and steeplechase racing, he was inclined to leave the day-to-day operations of Pfizer in the capable hands of John Anderson.

A lifelong bachelor, Emile was the last descendant of the Pfizer-Erhart family to be engaged in the management of the firm. In his will, he left $236,250 to 242 employees of the Company "in appreciation of many years of association, cooperation, and friendship." They received amounts ranging from $250 to $4000 in proportion to years of service. Many used their bequest to purchase Pfizer stock.