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George A. Anderson

George A. Anderson

President (1941 - 1944) Chairman of the Board
(1945 – 1949)

Born in Chicago where his father, John Anderson, supervised Pfizer's Midwest office, George Anderson became a principal member of Pfizer's third-generation management team. At an early age, he was groomed for a major role in the business, attending preparatory and commercial schools in Chicago and New York.

Anderson began his nearly 60-year career with Pfizer in 1910 as a member of the Purchasing Department. He was named treasurer four years later, and joined the board of directors in 1914. He became vice president in 1925, the year the company submitted its first patent application — for a laxative by-product of phenolphthalein. For a dozen years, beginning in 1929, Anderson served as senior vice president, then succeeded Emile Pfizer as president in 1941.

During his four years in that position and his succeeding four years — 1945 to 1949 — as chairman, Anderson guided Pfizer from well-established production of chemicals to intensive research efforts in antibiotics. Immensely proud of the Company, he remained on its board until 1969. His membership in the New York Drug and Chemical Club spanned 59 years.