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Supplier Diversity

Supplier Diversity is a strategic business process aimed at providing companies owned by minorities and women an equal opportunity to become suppliers to Pfizer and support our efforts to continually lead the way to a healthier world. We recognize that minority and women owned companies are not always given the opportunity to compete for our business in the same ways as their larger and more widely known counterparts, and as such, make deliberate efforts through our program to further enable fair competition.

Through a company's proactive efforts to execute the definition of the program, they support economic development in the communities in which their suppliers are located.

Our Supplier Diversity effort is neither a social program nor a promise that participating companies will secure business from Pfizer. It is also not a compromise on the quality, cost, or service requirements that we ask of every supplier. At Pfizer, participating in our Supplier Diversity is not a guarantee of business, rather, it is a commitment towards ensuring that Diverse Suppliers have fair and continuous opportunities to win our businesses in the same ways that their larger and more widely known counter parts do.

The benefits and costs of diversity have been thoroughly evaluated by companies and academics for years. A large amount of research exists to show the positive benefits of diversity, when used appropriately by organizations. At Pfizer, we believe that having an organization of people with diverse backgrounds (educational, geographic, ethnic, et. al.) and experiences (professional, social, developmental, et. al.) increases the potential for Pfizer to successfully address large and everyday business challenges by leveraging the different perspectives that result from the diversity. Imagine how different a law on education would be written if the creation committee was comprised of 100% lawyers versus 100% teachers. Now, imagine how that law may be improved by using a combination of both lawyers and teachers on the committee. Along these lines, imagine the potential drawbacks of a Women's health study that was designed 100% by men or a vaccination program for children around the World that based all of its recommendations on the US Healthcare Structure. With these concepts in mind, Pfizer has recognized that driving the appropriate health benefits to our patients and value to our shareholders is achieved in part by ensuring that we purchase our goods and services from a diverse base of suppliers, just as we ask a diverse group of consumers to purchase our finished goods.

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In order to do business under our Supplier Diversity program, prospective suppliers must be certified as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Woman-owned Business Enterprise (WBE), LGBT or US Federal Government categorized Small Businesses by one of the following certifying organizations that we recognize.

These organizations are:

National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) at (212) 944-2430 or

Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) at (202) 872-5515 or
WeConnect International at (202) 810 6004 or

U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) at (202) 606-4000 or

National Gay & Lesbian Chamber Of Commerce (NGLCC) at (202) 234-9181 or

Supplier Connection (U.S. based Small Businesses only) at (877) 808-6510 or

Suppliers should register with the above referenced organizations, and for those who are small businesses, please also register at Supplier Connection. Please contact us via email at the following address for further information:



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