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Working with Pfizer

Procurement Organizations

Our key procurement organizations are Pfizer Global Supply (PGS), Pfizer Research, Development and Medical (RDM), Pfizer Worldwide Biopharmaceutical Businesses (WBB) and Global Procurement and Operations (GPO).

Strategic Sourcing

Pfizer colleagues follow a documented strategic sourcing process, which helps ensure a solid fit between a project's requirements and a supplier's capabilities. As a result of thorough, up-front analysis, this process also significantly improves the odds of long-term success for all members of a project team. We encourage potential suppliers to familiarize themselves with our process so that when the opportunity arises, they will understand where and how they might add value.

Strategic Sourcing Process

  • Identify business need; conduct pre-project planning; review applicable supplier diversity registrations
  • Form cross-functional team and define project
  • Collect internal and external data
  • Perform strategic analysis
  • Formulate strategies and develop implementation plans
  • Refine implementation plan and select supplier
  • Measure, monitor and report project progress

The Strategic Sourcing Process offers a common foundation and framework that provides us with a consistent approach to the sourcing of goods and services. Additionally, this process directly supports Pfizer's commitment to eliminate redundancies and adopt best practices to optimize costs and streamline efficiencies.

Pfizer Worldwide Locations

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