Pfizer’s OWNIT! Culture: A Culture Embedded in the Business

Pfizer understands that for prospective colleagues, a company’s internal culture is as important as its external reputation. With its emphasis on “ownership”, Pfizer’s OWNIT! culture allows individual colleagues to discover career success at the same time that it drives positive business results.

OWNIT! encourages all colleagues to take ownership for their careers and make a positive impact on the business. This means that innovation and new ideas are met with openness and careful consideration, not skepticism and dismissal. It means everyone, no matter what their role, strives for excellence. Pfizer colleagues take accountability for their work and deliver on their commitments with speed, decisiveness and integrity.

Pfizer’s OWNIT! culture is about all of our colleagues striving to impact results… this month, this quarter, this year and for many years in the future.

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own... the business

Seize opportunities to think differently, take risks and be
accountable; try something new


win... in the marketplace

Advocate and drive long-term, aligned strategies that advance our
mission and shape the industry


no jerks... let’s discuss behaviors

Confront corrosive, self-serving and mean-spirited behaviors;
it’s everyone’s responsibility


impact... results

Deliver on commitments with speed, decisiveness, and


trust... in one another

Invest in candid and constructive debate to ensure each other’s
success; it’s time for straight talk