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Molecular Testing and NSCLC Patients...Improving Efficacy, Enhancing Care


Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center

Project Lead:

Dr. Brad Vincent

Molecular Testing and NSCLC Patients...Improving Efficacy, Enhancing Care

Our project will demonstrate a community hospital model for incorporating molecular testing, as recommended in national guidelines, to expand the use of targeted therapies for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients. With "Improving Efficacy, Enhancing Care," the Mary Bird Perkins- Our Lady of the Lake Cancer Center focuses ultimately on improving personalized medical treatment to extend survival of NSCLC patients, especially those with late stage disease or recurrences. To shift clinical practice to new standards of care for lung cancer, our project addresses the automation of system processes and enhanced clinician knowledge and competencies. The science is complex, however, and the optimum outcome for lung cancer patients may depend upon the collaboration of several physicians who are each current on research, updated guidelines, the patient's history, and a detailed molecular profile of the tumor.

Full Proposal Interim Reports Final Report
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Approval Date:

November 2012

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Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer