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Contact Pfizer Media Relations

Contact Pfizer Media Relations

This information is intended for media professionals.

This information is intended for media professionals only. To ensure that customers, investors, and others receive the appropriate attention, Pfizer media contacts may ONLY respond to calls and emails from professional journalists.

If you are not a journalist, please visit the Contact Page and consult the appropriate Pfizer contact.

Phone: (212) 573-1226

You can also visit our Pfizer Worldwide Web Sites.

Key Focus Areas / Issues
(Not all-inclusive)
Andrew Topen
W: 212-733-1338
C: 646-628-2585
VP Media Relations Executive Communications
Joan Campion
W: 212-733-2798
C: 201-761-9384
Corporate / Financial Media Relations Finance; Earnings / SEC Filings; Corporate Governance; Business Development
MacKay Jimeson
W: 212-733-2324
C: 347-439-5647
Global Established Products Biosimilars, Lipitor, Celebrex, Viagra (ex-US/Canada), Lyrica (Europe), Pristiq, Aricept, Spiriva, Caduet, Detrol, Inspra, Vfend, Zyvox, Tygacil, Revatio, Xalabrands, Geodon, EpiPen, Premarin, Norvasc, Cardura, Neurontin, Zoloft, Camptosar, Aromasin, Medrol, Dalacin/Cleocin, Sulperazon, Sermion, Ativan, Protonix, Effexor, Xanax, Terramycin, Cytosar, Depo Provera Contraceptive, Ibupirac, Dostinex, Tygacil
Steven Danehy
W: 212-733-1538
C: 978-273-3946
Global Innovative Pharma Xeljanz, Enbrel, Eliquis, Chantix, Rapamune, Vyndaquel, Rebif, Eleyso, Genotropin, Somavert, Viagra, Duavee, Toviaz, Conbriza, Viviant, Lyrica, Embeda, Oxecta, Flector Patch
Sally Beatty
W: 212-733-6566
C: 347-330-7867
Vaccines, Oncology and Consumer Prevnar, Prevnar 13, Bosulif, Inlyta, Sutent, Torisel, Xalkori, Advil, Centrum, Robitussin, Chapstick, Caltrate, ThermaCare
Jennifer Kokell
W: 212-733-2596
C: 917-741-4254
Media Relations  
Andrew Widger
W: 44-1737-330909
C: 44-797-0149098
24 hour: 44 (0)845 300 8033
Europe, Africa, Middle East Media Relations  
Lisa O'Neill
W: 44-1737-331536
C: +44-7929-339560
24 hour: 44 (0)845 300 8033
Europe, Africa, Middle East Media Relations  
Trupti Deepak Wagh
C: +65 918-732-47
Media Relations Asia Pacific
Allyanna Anglim
C: +852 6051-3712
Media Relations Asia Pacific
Sharon Castillo
C: 202-624-7524
Latin America Media Relations, Regulatory & Policy Latin America, US Government Relations
Dean Mastrojohn
W: 212-733-6944
R&D, Medical Media Relations R&D Clinical Trials
Brenna Robinson
W: 212-733-4631
C: 646-919-5861
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Pfizer Annual Report

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