Biologics Product & Process Development

WRD Pharmaceutical Sciences envisions a network of strategic partnerships integral to its biologics technology initiatives, which include biopharmaceutical and vaccine development and manufacturing and prokaryotic expression to augment core competencies.

I. WRD is interested in establishing alliances to develop and access:

  • Next generation of microbial and mammalian cell protein production systems 
  • Next generation process and manufacturing technologies

Specific areas of interest include:

  • Systems and Synthetic Biology
    • Technologies to design and influence host cell performance and product quality
    • Novel expression systems with alternative post-translational modifications (e.g. glycosylation)
    • Automated methods for mammalian cell line screening, selection and scale up
    • Next generation cell culture process technologies
    • Next generation purification process technologies
      • Harvesting technologies (e.g. smart polymer, automation)
    • High throughput analytics for product quality attributes
    • Advanced analytics for glycoconjugates and antibody drug conjugates
    • Flexible and adaptive manufacturing technologies for biotherapeutics


II. WRD is interested to ensure commercial and clinical differentiation of products by accessing leading drug delivery technologies.

Specific areas of interest include:

  • Tissue specific delivery
  • Alternative routes of delivery (transdermal, transmucosal)
  • Analytics (biophysics) to predict stability
  • Advanced formulations (improved stability, high does delivery)

Not actively seeking partnering opportunities in:

  • Transgenic animal-based or plant-based production systems for biologics


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