Innovative Partnering Models

Innovative Partnering Models

Pfizer has established a number of novel approaches to work with partners in developing new medicines. 
Academic & Start-up Company Partnerships

Pfizer currently supports numerous collaborative partnerships with researchers at world-class research institutions such as the University of California, Yale, the University of Virginia and Peking University, among many others, and is seeking additional opportunities to collaborate in areas of strategic interest to WRD.  We are committed to exploratory research and have empowered our External R&D Innovation team to seek opportunities to identify seed-stage investment opportunities to support early-stage technologies as they transition from a pure academic environment into new start-up companies that align with our core research interests. These investments complement our Pfizer Venture Investments activities and include recent funding of Neoantigenics and Circle Pharma.

Academic& Start-Up Partnerships Contacts:
North & South America, Europe, India: Ron Newbold (
Asia / Pacific: Yuan-Hua Ding (

Alternative Development / Funding Models

Pfizer WRD is actively exploring risk and cost sharing approaches to develop WRD as well as external partner programs to enable promising therapies to reach patients. Approaches include partnering WRD assets with pre-defined buy back rights, leveraging non-dilutive funding, and establishing strategic disease area alliances with biopharmaceutical companies and private equity / venture capital groups. Partnerships across the full range of WRD disease areas of interest, which are described in this brochure, will be considered, with a focus on clinical stage programs in particular.

Alternative Development / Funding Models Contact:
Girish Aakalu (

Centers for Therapeutic Innovation

The Centers for Therapeutic Innovation (CTI) were created to facilitate authentic collaboration among select academic medical centers, disease foundations and Pfizer scientists. Pfizer has CTI labs in San Francisco, New York, Boston, and San Diego. These state-of-the-art laboratories are populated with Pfizer scientists and post-docs exploring opportunities to advance novel antibody therapeutics through preclinical development and first-in-human proof of mechanism studies. CTI academic research partners work side-by-side with Pfizer scientists in the discovery and development of new therapies for unmet medical needs.  Pfizer's Centers for Therapeutic Innovation demonstrate the company's deep commitment to establishing close partnerships with leading academic medical centers and foundations to translate ground-breaking research into important new therapies that address key unmet medical needs.

CTI Contact:
Tony Coyle (

Pfizer Venture Investments (PVI)

Pfizer Venture Investments (PVI), the venture capital arm of Pfizer, invests in private companies in traditional venture capital syndicates. PVI also uses equity to support novel business structures such as consortium-based technology development (e.g. Ablexis), product out-licensing (e.g. Clovis Oncology) and business spinouts (e.g. Ziarco). Further, PVI invests in funds that offer geographic reach to provide a view into the development of healthcare and life sciences businesses in developing countries such as Africa, Brazil and China. PVI has an interest in working with others to explore new business models that can create value for all players in the healthcare/life sciences ecosystem and ensure the continued development of therapeutics, technologies and services for all those whose medical needs are not being met.

Please visit

PVI Contact
Barbara Dalton (


Open Innovation Portal

Working with Pfizer Worldwide Innovation, WRD  has established two web-based Open Innovation (OI) portals to attract breakthrough ideas from external partners to tackle some of the scientific and technological challenges in our drug discovery and development programs.  By expanding our networks within academic and biotech sectors, our OI efforts are helping to identify new pre-clinical and early stage clinical partnering opportunities that can be supported through our novel collaboration models.

Visit the Pfizer Needs Gallery at to find some of our most immediate partnering needs.


Open Innovation Portal

Global Contact:

Dan Grant (


Japan Contact:


Shinji Ogawa (


ERDI Global Scouting

The Global Scouting team is composed of skilled scientists with pharmaceutical and biotechnology research experience, working to support Pfizer's global research interests by scouting for collaborative relationships with both academic and biopharmaceutical partners. These scientists are deployed globally to ensure Pfizer is an active participant in regional scientific discussions helping us to closely collaborate with our partners once relationships are established. By working with Pfizer's 100+ country organizations, we have built a strong international scouting network capable of connecting our R&D scientists to innovative opportunities around the world.

The team also directs the investment of  a seed fund available to support collaborations with start-up companies founded by experienced entrepreneurs pursuing the commercialization of inventions that benefit patients and which closely align with Pfizer's research interests and portfolio.

North & South America, Europe, India:
Ron Newbold (
Asia / Pacific:
Yuan-Hua Ding (

Key Regional Contacts:
Yuan-Hua Ding (
Australia / New Zealand/Singapore
Dan Grant (
Mark Lundie (
Patrice Roy (
Maria Flocco (
Ajith Kamath (
Olga Krylova (
Tamara Mansfeld (

Latin America and South Africa
Gabriela Cezar (
Olga Krylova (
Melissa Fitzgerald (
Greg Naeve (


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