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Originally established in 2001 as a private biotech company in South San Francisco, Rinat was acquired by Pfizer in 2006 and is operated as an independent biotechnology unit within Pfizer's Worldwide R&D group. The biotechnology unit model allows Rinat to maintain the unique culture and scientific environment of a small company while exploiting the world-class capabilities and resources of the broader Pfizer R&D organization. Rinat is led by Dave Shelton, acting CSO, and focuses on antibody-based therapeutics across all disease areas of interest to Pfizer. Rinat researchers employ the latest scientific advancements in human biology along with their state of the art protein engineering technology platforms to build a premier pipeline. Rinat has also established a group of leading geneticists and computational scientists who leverage novel approaches in genomics to discover and aid in the development of the pipeline. Scientists at Rinat are interested in working with partners who have novel therapeutic approaches or targets, as well as with those who have unique technology platforms that can support Rinat's strong track record of converting validated targets into novel protein-based therapeutics. With in-depth expertise across multiple therapeutic and technology disciplines, Rinat has broad partnering interests and considers a wide variety of asset-based and technology partnering opportunities.  Rinat also leverages its strength in biotherapeutics alongside its core expertise in immune biology to lead Pfizer's R&D efforts in Immuno-Oncology.  Partnering efforts in this space focus on pre-clinical and clinical stage anti-body-based immunomodulatory opportunities, with an emphasis on those agents that directly engage or impact T-cell function (see the section on Immuno-Oncology for additional detail).


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