Our vision is to become a recognized leader in the development of prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines for unmet medical needs at all stages of life and for all geographies. We focus on:
- Prevention of pneumococcal disease; infections in hospitals and healthcare settings;
  infectious diseases in infants, children, adolescents and older adults
- Select therapeutic vaccine targets
- Developed and emerging markets

WRD is interested in establishing alliances to pursue development of:

  • Vaccines for the prevention and/or treatment of infectious diseases
  • Vaccines for the prevention and/or treatment of non-infectious diseases through the active elicitation of disease-modifying immune responses

WRD is also interested in:

  • Adjuvants
  • Novel in vitro systems for assessment of vaccine immunogenicity
  • Novel animal models for assessment of vaccine effectiveness
  • Novel immunomodulators of the adaptive immune response
  • Novel vaccine target antigen identification systems
  • Novel vaccine delivery platforms
  • Novel vaccine administration systems

Not actively seeking partnering opportunities in:

  • Novel vaccines in disease areas for which effective vaccines are already available / licensed (with the exception of novel influenza virus vaccines)


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