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Worldwide Research and Development

Welcome to Pfizer Worldwide Research & Development (WRD), where strategic partnership is a mission of our effort to deliver important medicines and vaccines to people in need across the globe.
As the world's leading biopharmaceutical company, Pfizer is proud to offer you access to our world-class research scientists, our global network of external research collaborations, and our industry-leading manufacturing and commercial capabilities.
Combining your science, tools and technologies with Pfizer's expertise in small molecule and biologic design and development could hold the key to breakthrough therapies for patients worldwide.
We are eager to explore the possibilities of partnership and invite you to closely review this website.

Therapeutic Areas


Cardiovascular and Metabolic

Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) remain the leading cause of global mortality, accounting for one in every two adult deaths worldwide. The rates of CVD- related morbidity, including heart-failure, peripheral arterial disease and nephropathy are increasing as more patients survive hearts attacks, and the population ages. Primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular events in high-risk patients (T2D, end stage renal disease, and highest-risk sub- groups post-acute coronary syndrome)

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Inflammation & Immunology

Pfizer is a global leader in developing medicines for patients suffering from chronic immune diseases. The Inflammation & Immunology Research Unit, led by Charles Mackay, Chief Scientific Officer, is focused on discovering, evolving and developing the next generation of therapies for immune- mediated diseases. Pfizer is interested in entering into strategic relationships with innovative collaborators to develop increasingly novel and differentiated therapies for autoimmune diseases.

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Neuroscience & Pain

In the US today, seven of the ten leading causes of disability are caused by central nervous system (CNS) disorders, and the combined estimated US and EU economic burden of such disorders is over $1.5 trillion and growing. Pfizer is a global leader in this space and continues to invest heavily with products in each of the major classes.

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Pfizer Oncology strives to advance the frontiers of cancer biology and to translate this knowledge into high-impact medicines for cancer patients. Our core areas of interest include: Tumor Cell Biology; Bioconjugates Discovery and Development; Precision Medicine; Integrative Biology and Biochemistry; and Immuno- Oncology.

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Rare Disease

Pfizer is adopting an innovative and collaborative approach to the development of new medicines for patients with rare diseases. We have a trackrecord of creating innovative strategic partnerships with academic institutions, patient advocacy groups, and commercial enterprises to accelerate the development of novel therapeutics across the entire spectrum of rare diseases

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Our vision is to become a recognized leader in the discovery and development of innovative prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines for unmet medical needs throughout all stages of life and for all geographies and markets. We focus on Prevention of viral and bacterial infections in infants, children, adolescents and older adults; hospital acquired infections and active immune oncology (cancer vaccine) targets.

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Biotechnology Units & Scientific WRD Platforms


Biologics Product & Process Development

Pharmaceutical Sciences envisions a network of strategic partnerships integral to its biologics technology initiatives, which include biopharmaceutical and vaccine development and manufacturing and prokaryotic expression to augment core competencies

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Biotherapeutics Discovery

Pfizer strives to become the leading biotherapeutics company by building on internal expertise and fostering strategic partnerships to access the best technologies with patent protection and technical capabilities that provide a competitive advantage.

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Clinical Innovation

Pfizer Clinical Innovation is leading the industry in applying novel technologies, innovative partnerships, and new approaches to enhance and transform clinical trials and the development of new medicines. Clinical Innovation areas of focus include

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Drug Safety

Pfizer’s Drug Safety R&D group develops and applies the skills, experience and scientific tools necessary for safety assessment and risk management of targets and compounds across the research, development and commercial phases of drug development. We seek to enhance our capabilities for target safety assessment, selection of safer compounds, toxicity risk management and translation of preclinical models.

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Gene Therapy

Gene therapy (GTx) has changed significantly with the discovery of novel AAV vectors that have the potential to be safe and more efficient than previous approaches. Pfizer is committed to leading in this space by bringing together the foremost expertise in vector design and development with in- house knowledge of disease biology and manufacturing capabilities.

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Medicinal Chemistry

Pfizer’s Worldwide Medicinal Chemistry core capabilities include small molecule design and associated functions including structural biology and computational chemistry, synthetic innovation and compound safety prediction. Our partnering strategy is designed to maintain and enhance these areas as well as generate new synergistic capabilities.

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Pharmacokinetics, Dynamics & Metabolism (PDM)

Our PDM group is focused on development of innovative therapies through an improved understanding of targets, pathways and modeling for preclinical efficacy, and discrete toxicity. We will pursue collaborations to enhance physiological relevance of pharmacological endpoints, biomarkers/biomeasures and metabolomics, systems pharmacology/PKPD, quantitative bioanalytics, prediction of transporter-mediated disposition, tissue targeting.

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Precision Medicine

We are focused on Precision Medicine as an approach to discovering and developing medicines and vaccines that deliver superior outcomes for patients, by integrating clinical and molecular information to understand the biological basis of disease. This effort leads to better selection of disease targets and identification of patient populations that demonstrate improved clinical outcomes.

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Small Molecule Product & Process Development

WRD Pharmaceutical Sciences envisions a network of partners to enhance active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and drug product development and manufacturing of small molecules.

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