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Competitive Grant Programs


Competitive Grant Programs

Overview of Competitive Grant Program

Competitive grant programs are a type of IIR which many teams choose to initiate in addition to or in place of their standard IIR program. Competitive programs typically have a defined set of research criteria, which are broadly publicized to an appropriate investigator group through one of several possible routes (i.e. journal advertisements, program websites, flyer distribution). There is a defined application window and specific document requirements which are defined by each program. Once submitted, all applications are reviewed by an external review panel of experts, who select the best research for funding.

Competitive Grant Programs Listing

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Submitting a Competitive Grant Request

Is this your first time submitting a grant request with us? If so, make sure you have read all the requirements for the specific competitive program you are interested in and that you are eligible to apply. Please see the Competitive Grant Program Listing for more details. For instructions on how to submit online, take our online training which will show you everything you'll need to know.

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