Anthony J. Coyle

Senior Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer, CTI

Anthony Coyle

The Centers for Therapeutic Innovation is a great example of how the new health innovation environment is allowing us to partner with academic institutions, disease foundations and other companies to access the best science and technology and more rapidly discover the next generation of medicines

Anthony J. Coyle, Ph.D., is the founding Chief Scientific Officer and Senior Vice President of Pfizer’s Centers for Therapeutic Innovation (CTI) and is responsible for CTI’s strategy and scientific direction.

Before leading CTI, Dr. Coyle was the Vice President and Global Head of Respiratory, Inflammation and Autoimmunity Research at MedImmune Biologics, a Division of AstraZeneca. At MedImmune, Dr. Coyle advanced a biologic portfolio from discovery to Phase 2 in the areas of respiratory and autoimmune diseases, specifically targeting lupus, asthma and COPD. Prior to his work at MedImmune, Dr. Coyle was Director of Research at Millennium Pharmaceuticals, where he led a group responsible for the identification of novel target genes, as well as for late-stage lead optimization and delivery of both small-molecule and biologic development candidates.

Dr. Coyle has been Associate Professor in the Department of Pathology and Experimental Therapeutics at McMaster University in Ontario since 1992. He has authored more than 200 manuscripts. Dr. Coyle holds a BSc and a Ph.D. from Kings College, University of London. Dr. Coyle is a member of the scientific board for the Alliance for Lupus Research and the C4 NCATS consortium.