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Operating Model

Operating Model

Pfizer R&D: A Unique Approach for Success

Pfizer’s operating model is designed to ensure strong alignment between the R&D team and the commercial businesses.

The Worldwide R&D (WRD) team is responsible for all therapies from invention through the proof of concept (POC) stage, typically a Phase 2 study. The focus on this early research is inventing the most important new medicines for patients. At POC, the therapy’s development is then taken over by R&D teams within the Business Units who lead the late-stage development program, regulatory strategy and commercial launch with a focus on optimizing the value of the therapy in the real world.

Throughout the research and development continuum, Pfizer's 11 research units and three business units are supported by multiple partner lines that are responsible for designing and optimizing our drugs and vaccines. These partner lines include Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Drug Safety, Regulatory and Development Operations. The partner lines possess critical expertise intended to optimize each therapy for patients and the marketplace.