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Cambridge, Massachusetts

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Site Statistics

  • In 2011, Pfizer Cambridge was honored with the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce's "Leading Edge Award", which recognizes a business that demonstrates leadership and innovation in the technology or biotechnology industries.
  • In 2010, Cambridge was named one of Pfizer’s worldwide research and development hubs with sites at 620 Memorial Drive, 35, 87 and 200 Cambridge Park Drive and 700 South Main Street.
  • Beginning in early 2014, Pfizer is creating a unified Cambridge R&D community by moving its staff of approximately 1000 at these five sites to new facilities at 610 and 700 Main Street in Kendall Square. The unified Cambridge presence represents the opportunity to interlace Pfizer’s R&D capability with the densest biomedical community in the world. Pfizer has selected an approach and style for this opportunity that breaks barriers to compartmentalization and presents Pfizer in Cambridge cohesively and prominently, driven by a collective mission and passion to deliver new medicines to patients in need.

Functions: Pharmaceutical and Biotherapeutic/Biologics Research, Drug Metabolism, Biotechnology Units, Development and Medical

Primary Therapeutic Areas:  Inflammation & Remodeling, Immunoscience, Rare Diseases, Cardiovascular Medicine and Neuroscience Research

Key Technologies: Biological Technologies (Large Molecule Technologies), Synthetic & Medicinal Chemistry, Genetics & Mathematical Modeling, ADME (absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion and toxicity), Computational Sciences 

In addition to the Pfizer Cambridge headquarters, Massachusetts is also the global headquarters for the Center for Therapeutic Innovation (CTI), which has established partnerships in New York City, San Diego and San Francisco. The CTI is an entrepreneurial network of partnerships with leading academic medical centers.