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Pfizer strives to translate the latest breakthroughs in cancer research into medicines that significantly impact the lives of cancer patients. Our research team uses a multi-disciplinary approach to identify and target specific alterations that drive the growth and progression of malignant disease. We combine innovative approaches to drug discovery with a strong emphasis on precision medicine, which matches targeted therapies with the patients most likely to respond to those therapies.

Our core research and development interests include cancer cell signaling mechanisms and oncogenic drivers, cancer stem cells, mechanisms of drug resistance, and technologies that enable selective drug delivery to tumor tissues. These foundational efforts are complemented by growing research interests in emerging areas of cancer biology including cancer metabolism and epigenetics. One key technology focus is advancing the next wave of ‘antibody drug conjugates’, which are targeted therapies that combine the specificity of an antibody with the cancer cell-killing power of a chemotherapy.

Work with Us

If you’re interested in collaborating with our Oncology team, visit our Oncology Partnering page to learn more about the work we’re pursuing.

Oncology Pipeline in Focus

Pipeline in Focus

Our oncology clinical pipeline includes therapies for a range of cancers including kidney cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, non-small cell lung cancer, and blood cancers.

Hear from Pfizer colleagues about the potential of precision medicine.

Hear Bob Abraham discuss antibody drug conjugates, a key technology focus in the Oncology Research Unit.