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Novel therapies, new mechanisms

Pfizer Oncology is committed to discovering, investigating, and developing transformative therapies that improve the outlook for cancer patients worldwide.
Our strong pipeline—one of the most robust in the industry—includes biologics, small molecules, immunotherapies, and biosimilars, and is centered on exploring a wide array of approaches across many tumor types. We seek to translate the most innovative science into meaningful breakthrough medicines that redefine life with cancer for patients.

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Promising science for a range of cancers

Our oncology pipeline includes therapies for a range of cancers, including kidney cancer, breast cancer, gastrointestinal cancer, non-small cell lung cancer, and blood cancers.
We are investigating cancer cell signaling mechanisms and oncogenic drivers, cancer stem cells, mechanisms of drug resistance, and technologies that enable selective drug delivery to tumor tissues. We are also exploring emerging areas of cancer biology, including cancer metabolism and epigenetics.

With us, it's personal

When I think of cancer, I don’t think of an amorphous entity. I think of the individual patients it impacts. One of them is my wife. Because of her and millions of others like her, my team and Pfizer are focused on creating a world in which cancer is detected before tumors are formed—both before and after treatment.
— Brion William Murray, PhD
Research Fellow

The transformative power of immuno-oncology

We are building a deep expertise in immuno-oncology, investigating novel ways to activate the immune system and prevent cancer cells from evading the body’s defense mechanisms.
With a broad pipeline of compounds spanning multiple mechanisms of action, Pfizer is uniquely positioned to shape this new revolution that is redefining how we treat cancer and has initiated clinical trials to explore multiple drugs both as single agents and in combinations.