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Lasting Impact

In my last week at the Infectious Diseases Institute (IDI), I’m looking back over the last three months that I’ve spent here working on the Research strategic plan, while also looking forward to returning home to my project management role with a fresh perspective.  I have learned so much during my fellowship about global health issues, treatment of HIV and how to make the most of constrained resources, and I hope to put this new knowledge into practice once I’m back in the US.

As a Global Health Fellow, I’ve dropped into IDI like a pebble into a pool, creating ripples in the water.  I’m hoping that the ripples persist after my departure. I know for certain that IDI has penetrated my pores and gotten under my skin for good.  It has been very exciting to see the fruits of the class of 2012 Pfizer /Accordia Global Health Fellows’ work (Jenny deGelder’s, Carlo Bello’s, as well as my own) already being implemented at IDI. Last week, I attended IDI’s first SOP (Good Clinical Practice Standard Operating Procedure) training session for senior project staff.  I’m also looking forward to a positive outcome from a meeting this week between IDI’s senior management and a potential strategic research partner. I’m looking forward to keeping in touch with my colleagues at IDI, following IDI’s future successes, and also to spreading the word about IDI’s clinical trial capabilities once I get home.  Here’s hoping that my time here will have a lasting impact, not just on me, but also on IDI.

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