Angel Bair
Director, Clinician
La Jolla, California USA
NGO Partner: 
US Agency for International Development
Assignment Location: 
Bangkok, Thailand
July – October 2014
Fellowship Title: 
Prevention Fellow
Fellow Biography: 

Angel has worked at Pfizer for six years as a clinician in oncology clinical development where she designs, executes, and oversees several global clinical trials.  Prior to joining industry, she worked in the clinic taking care of various patients populations including those living with cancer and HIV/AIDS. 

With support from USAID, Population Services International (PSI) and local partners are implementing a behavior change communication program to prevent HIV, tuberculosis and malaria in the Greater Mekong sub region.  Fellows will have the unique opportunity to assist PSI in the development of the “CAP-3D” project by assessing and developing information and communications technology (ICT) to reach those affected by HIV, to encourage testing, counseling and an adherence regime. 

In 2014, Angel will start an assessment, define a strategy and work plan to build an awareness and behavior change campaign. From her fellowship experience, Angel hopes to broaden her cultural perspective and return with an enhanced resilience to face problems and find solutions.

Since the inception of its HIV/AIDS program in 1986, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has funded over $6 billion in the fight against this pandemic - more than any other public or private organization. In order to translate this funding into action, USAID collaborates with a wide array of partners in developing countries including local companies and multi-national corporations. With effective coordination, these public-private partnerships can significantly expand quality HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment interventions.