Betsy Benoit
Professional Healthcare Representative
Atlanta, Georgia
NGO Partner: 
Population Services International
Assignment Location: 
Yangon, Myanmar
April – July 2014
Fellowship Title: 
Entrepreneurship Fellow
Fellow Biography: 

Betsy has been with Pfizer for 19 years in various roles as a Professional Healthcare Representative and Institutional Healthcare Representative. She is currently selling cardiovascular medicines to clinicians in the Houston, Texas area.

In 2014-2015, Population Services International (PSI) would like to establish two social franchising networks in Cambodia and Myanmar to support a network of health providers that have contractual agreements to provide a high quality of health care products and services under a common brand. To assist PSI country offices in creating programs and interventions to influence providers to adopt health behaviors (such as proper counseling, testing, adherence to medications, etc), PSI has developed a “Provider Behavior Change” toolkit which contains a blueprint for building and managing field teams, marketing materials and guidelines. In 2014, Fellows will use this toolkit to help PSI establish a “Center of Excellence” model for social franchising. This will include training, establishing support supervision, monitoring and evaluation and establishing long-term strategies for health providers.

Betsy’s recent volunteer experiences in the remote villages of Ghana included helping design and implement two teacher seminars on ways to more deeply engage students. Betsy believes her years of changing physicians’ perceptions as a Healthcare Representative and her experiences in Ghana will help her successfully introduce and implement the “Provider Behavior Change” toolkit in Cambodia.

Betsy is eager to gain experience maximizing resources in unique ways. Through her fellowship experience she hopes to learn how social franchising and social marketing concepts could potentially increase impact of Pfizer’s health care. By fully understanding the challenges and successes that PSI Cambodia has had, Betsy looks forward to working with Pfizer Sales and Corporate Responsibility teams to explore innovative ways to combine social franchising with Pfizer’s depth of medical knowledge to uniquely deliver quality health care to underserved areas in the United States and globally.

Population Services International is the world's leading nonprofit social marketing organization, operating in more than 60 developing countries. PSI creates demand for essential health products and services by using private sector marketing techniques and innovative communications campaigns.