Epaphrodite Twahirwa
Regulatory Affairs Manager, East Africa Region
Nairobi, Kenya
NGO Partner: 
Assignment Location: 
Lagos, Nigeria
March - June 2014
Fellowship Title: 
Prevention Fellow
Fellow Biography: 

Epaphrodite joined Pfizer in January 2005, hired as a Regulatory Affairs and Safety Specialist for Pfizer Belgium. Currently, he is the Regulatory Affairs Manager for the East Africa Region responsible for interacting with regulators, government officials and key stakeholders in the pharmaceutical industry to influence the direction of regulatory policies; ensure complete registrations are in place to drive portfolio growth in depth and breadth; and lead projects for capacity building of local food and drug authorities. 

In 2014-2015, PharmAccess aims to improve access to quality medicines by strengthening and investing in the pharmaceutical management of pharmacies and clinics. To help PharmAccess improve planning, quality control, and inventory management for the organization, Epaphrodite will be serving in Nigeria. 

He is looking forward to utilizing his 20 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry to help achieve the goals of making good healthcare available and quality medicines accessible to populations in need.

Epaphrodite hopes to bring back to Pfizer not only a greater understanding about global health issues, but a new perspective of the global market, increased flexibility and new approaches for prioritizing daily responsibilities.

PharmAccess Foundation is a fast growing international organization aiming to improve access to affordable quality basic health care in low-income countries in Africa at the bottom of the pyramid.