katja Tonsky
Operations Manager
La Jolla, California
NGO Partner: 
Assignment Location: 
Accra, Ghana
March – July 2014
Fellowship Title: 
Prevention Fellow
Fellow Biography: 

Katja has worked at Pfizer since February 2006 as an Operations Manager in the Comparative Medicine department. Katja manages the day-to-day operations of the animal facilities which support the preclinical work of the Oncology and Vaccine Research Units. Katja is the Chair of the La Jolla Women’s Leadership Network and sits on the Pfizer U.S. Women’s Council.

In 2014-2015, PharmAccess aims to improve access to quality medicines by strengthening and investing in the pharmaceutical management of pharmacies and clinics. Katja will be helping PharmAccess improve planning, quality control, and inventory management for the organization.

Katja is passionate about developing women and girls as leaders, especially in the field of science. She spent time in Kenya in 2012 helping to build a school for orphaned girls.

From her GHF experience, Katja hopes to gain a better understanding of global health care and the challenges of setting up and managing pharmacies within the local communities in Ghana. Katja is excited to gain further health care skills and knowledge that she can share with her colleagues in La Jolla.

PharmAccess Foundation is a fast growing international organization aiming to improve access to affordable quality basic health care in low-income countries in Africa at the bottom of the pyramid.