Kimberly Cotto
Professional Healthcare Representative
Atlanta, Georgia USA
NGO Partner: 
Population Services International
Assignment Location: 
Yangon, Myanmar
April – July 2014
Fellowship Title: 
Entrepreneurship Fellow
Fellow Biography: 

Kimberly Cotto has been with Pfizer for three years as a Professional Health Representative in the Primary Care Division where she promotes the products within the Pain Portfolio.

In 2014-2015, Population Services International (PSI) would like to establish two social franchising networks in Cambodia and Myanmar to support a network of health providers that have contractual agreements to provide a high quality of health care products and services under a common brand. To assist PSI country offices in creating programs and interventions to influence providers to adopt health behaviors (such as proper counseling, testing, adherence to medications, etc), PSI has developed a “Provider Behavior Change” toolkit which contains a blueprint for building and managing field teams, marketing materials and guidelines.  In 2014, Fellows will use this toolkit to help PSI establish a “Center of Excellence” model for social franchising. This will include training, establishing support supervision, monitoring and evaluation and establishing long-term strategies for health providers.

Kimberly has been actively involved in volunteering programs, tutoring and mentoring middle school children in a disenfranchised Hispanic community in the Atlanta area for the past several years. She has also spent time teaching English to non-native speakers through an English as a Second Language program. As a recent breast cancer survivor she is also active in organizations such as Keeping A Breast, Young Survivors Coalition,  Bright Pink and her own initiative inspired by her personal experience with cancer whose organizational goals are to unite young survivors and educate the underserved where there  are cultural gaps in breast cancer awareness. The organization is called Get United To Survive Cancer (GUTS-C).

Kim’s aspirations to be a part of the GHF program stems from two sources.  First, her commitment to utilize her skills in sales, strategic planning, medical education and overall tenacity to partner with an organization like PSI; and a personal passion to help people in need. PSI’s social franchising initiative will offer access to disease management, disease prevention and pharmaceutical education in areas which currently have limited resources.

From this fellowship experience, Kim hopes to return with an understanding of what Pfizer is doing globally to serve populations in Southeast Asia and an understanding of how partnering and teamwork can help to provide better disease prevention and medical access to underserved populations. Finally, she anticipates learning about cultural differences in disease management and gaining a better understanding of how the goals of prevention and education are ingeniously achieved given limited resources. Essentially, she hopes to do more with less and to share what she’s learned with Pfizer colleagues.

Population Services International is the world's leading nonprofit social marketing organization, operating in more than 60 developing countries. PSI creates demand for essential health products and services by using private sector marketing techniques and innovative communications campaigns.