Lutz Harnisch
Senior Director, Global Clinical Pharmacology/Pharmacometrics
Sandwich, U.K.
NGO Partner: 
Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Assignment Location: 
Beijing, China
June – October 2014
Fellowship Title: 
Prevention Fellow
Fellow Biography: 

Lutz has worked for Pfizer since January 2007 as a Clinical Pharmacologist and Pharmacometrician. He supports the utilization of model-based approaches in drug-development across multiple therapeutic areas to make informed decisions, vital in understanding patients’ drug-related benefit and risk. In the past he served allergy and respiratory, rheumatoid arthritis, and pulmonary vascular disease teams. His current focus is on applying modeling and simulation (M&S) expertise to rare diseases and special populations, especially pediatrics.

Lutz is also the Coordinator of the Drug-Disease Model Resources (DDMoRe) consortium, an Innovative Medicine Initiative (IMI) project among 26 European pharmaceutical companies, academic and small medium enterprise (SME) organizations, which facilitates the creation of standards and languages, including an application framework and a disease model library to support effective collaborative quantitative drug development.

After five years of data research collection, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) would like to implement a health communications awareness campaign for broader stakeholders including the Chinese government and physicians with the goal of increasing overall knowledge and awareness of non communicable and communicable diseases. Lutz will serve in Beijing to help local staff to develop and implement a health communications campaign and evaluation plan.

From his GHF experience with the CDC in China, Lutz hopes to learn more about the challenges to applying findings from field investigations and trial execution to improve health care policy and practice. Lutz is looking forward to working with CDC colleagues to develop and implement communication campaigns, and hopes to bring back a better understanding of public health, globally, but in particular of China, a country known for the co-existence of diverse traditional and contemporary approaches to health care.

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (U.S. CDC) collaborates with the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC) on research and surveillance for invasive pneumococcal and other diseases in China.