Suzie Roy
Associate, Product Quality Operations
Kirkland, Canada
NGO Partner: 
Intrahealth International
Assignment Location: 
Dakar, Senegal
March – August 2014
Fellowship Title: 
Supply Chain
Fellow Biography: 

Suzie has been with Pfizer (and Legacy Wyeth) since November 1991. She was hired as a laboratory analyst and then moved to the Quality Assurance department. Since then her responsibilities have advanced from work as an incoming batch release Specialist, to Complaint Specialist, to Associate Product Quality Operations. Currently, Suzie is responsible for the compliance and the release of pharmaceutical products for the Canadian market.

In 2014-2015, Fellows will be supporting Intrahealth International with the expansion and scale-up of current government-funded programs (Senegal Urban Reproductive Health Initiative and the USAID Health Services Improvement Program), ensuring quality and implementation of monitoring and evaluation, in support of Ministry of Health efforts. Suzie will be serving in Dakar, Senegal to review supply chain management and advise on integration strategies for scale-up.

During Suzie’s Fellowship experience, she expects to learn and better understand the challenges of product supply in other parts of the world. She also hopes to improve her organizational skills working with limited resources as well as to bring back a new perspective to her work and appreciation for many opportunities and choices that are often taken for granted in developed countries.

< href=">IntraHealth has served the public health needs of developing countries for nearly 30 years. With an original focus on women’s and children’s health, IntraHealth’s work has broadened to include innovative solutions in accessing basic health care and strengthening human resources for health and interventions for HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases.