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  • Andreas Kuznik
    Market Access
    New York, NY, USA
    Local NGO Partner:
    Infectious Disease Institute
    NGO Partner:
    Accordia Global Health Foundation
    Assignment Location:
    Kampala, Uganda

    Andreas has been with Pfizer since December 2006. A health economist by training, he is working in Market Access on issues related to medicine reimbursement by national and international payers. During his tenure at Pfizer, he has supported the Lipitor team and recently has engaged in reimbursement planning for Pfizer's investigational cardiovascular and metabolic compounds.

    The Infectious Disease Institute (IDI) is currently conducting a large number of clinical trials, primarily in the area of HIV/AIDS. Andreas will aid the IDI in evaluating the cost effectiveness of the interventions in those trials, that is, he will evaluate whether the intervention provides good value for the money. In addition, Andreas plans to mentor faculty and students at the IDI in health economics and cost-effectiveness research with the goal of enhancing the skills of local investigators to conduct these analyses on their own.

    Accordia Global Health Foundation overcomes the burden of infectious diseases by building health care capacity and strengthening academic medical institutions in Africa.