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Bart Verlinden
SMC Validation Senior Analyst, Global Manufacturing
Puurs, Belgium
NGO Partner: 
Baobab Health
Assignment Location: 
Lilongwe, Malawi
Fellow Biography: 

Bart has worked as a Validation Analyst for Pfizer since 2001 in the Quality Assurance Division at the manufacturing site in Puurs, Belgium. His team is responsible for completing the yearly Master Sterilization Validation Plan and the validation of new sterilization equipment. He also assisted in rolling out the new EHS culture within the Puurs plant as an Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator. Coordination, quality control and "Right First Time" approach are very important within these fields.

Bart's spare time is filled with travels around the globe. These trips are self-organized and have taken him to Europe, South and North America and Asia. He is looking forward to his stay in Malawi, Africa and hopes that he can contribute and learn many things during his assignment.

At Baobab Health, Bart will assist in rolling out a quality structure within the organisation. It is his hope that with his 10 year experience within the Pfizer Quality Culture, he can contribute in a constructive way to this assignment. Working in an environment with limited resources will challenge him to see and do things in a different manner which will improve his organizational skills both private and professional.

Baobab Health is a non-governmental organization based in Malawi. As a leader in Information and Communication Technology solutions it seeks to improve overall health care. Together with the Ministry of Health it is helping to solve the health care crisis in Malawi. The core of Baobab is a clinical touch screen appliance that provides assistance to nurses and clinicians as they treat their patients.