Chunming Li

Statistics, Primary Care Unit

Chunming has worked for Pfizer since July 2004 as a biostatistician for central nervous system, insomnia and pain studies. Currently, he is the primary statistician for several Celebrex trials and he is also responsible for related regulatory submissions and Scientific and Commercialization Support work. Chunming's experience also includes 4 years at Eli Lily and Company as a statistician.

On his Fellowship with both China CDC and US CDC, Chunming's work will include analyzing surveillance data and related studies (e.g., health utilization studies) to describe patient characteristics, identify factors associated with clinical outcomes, evaluate trends over time, and estimate incidence. He will also be developing training materials for Chinese national and province-level staff in how to analyze surveillance data using a standard statistical software package to answer epidemiologic questions and will be conducting both one-on-one and large group training in statistical methods for analyzing surveillance data.

From his GHF experience, Chunming hopes to learn more about the patient care environment in China as well as the challenges of infectious diseases and surveillance data projects. Chunming believes he'll return with more experience and improved skill in communication, management and leadership. He also hopes to better understand emerging market cultures.

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (U.S. CDC) collaborates with the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC) on building surveillance for invasive pneumococcal disease and severe Influenza in China.