David Blackwell

Research Fellow

David has over 20 years experience with Pfizer assessing the safety of both human and animal health drugs. Since 2006, David has been a toxicologist lead in Drug Safety Research and Development in the PGRD organization.

David has spent time in Haiti with Christian Veterinary Mission (CVM) and in Nigeria with the Africa Education Initiative (NEF). His assignment with the St. Hope Foundation will include assisting with current ongoing clinical trials as well as the initiation of new ones.

Through his Global Health Fellows experience, David hopes to gain new insights into the needs of people living with HIV/AIDS in the United States and how public health education can impact the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

The St. Hope Foundation is a nonprofit organization with five locations in the Houston metropolitan area providing various services from Primary Medical Care, Prevention Education, Medical Case Management, Well Woman/Perinatal services to HIV Counseling/Testing Referral to people living with HIV/AIDS.