Dr. Anja Guntermann
Senior Process Manager, Global Manufacturing Services (GMS) New Product Pharma Therapeutics, Product and Process Development (PPD)
Freiburg, Germany
NGO Partner: 
Health Volunteers Overseas (HVO)
Assignment Location: 
Vellore, India
March 2010 – August 2010
Fellowship Title: 
Senior Process Manager
Fellow Biography: 

Anja has worked for Pfizer since June 2001 as an analytical laboratory manager and more recently as a senior process manager. Currently, she is a member of several CoDevelopment teams. Within CoDevelopment Anja is responsible for the transfer of new solid oral products from Research and Development into manufacturing, including manufacturing process optimization and production of bulk products for phase III clinical trials. She is a co-lead of the Technical Transfer process and documentation sub-team, a limited duration team founded as part of the Global Manufacturing Services and Supply Chain Interface optimization initiative. Anja voluntarily worked as tutor for three "master of pharmacy" courses conducted by the Educational Center of the Chamber of Trade and Commerce at Freiburg in cooperation with Pfizer.

On her Fellowship assignment with Health Volunteers Overseas (HVO), Anja will be supporting the quality control lab of the pharmacy department of the Christian Medical College (CMC). This assignment will include scrutinizing and developing relevant analytical methods in association with the pharmacy department and clinical pharmacology unit. Anja plans to help the CMC by identifying and prioritizing key focus areas for the manufacturing and quality control divisions and developing a strategy and implementation plan for achieving short and long-term goals. Anja views the GHF program as an opportunity to apply her skills in a completely new and different environment. She hopes to learn more about pharmaceutical education and practices in India and return from her assignment with new ideas inspired by the cultural diversity.

Health Volunteers Overseas is a private nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the availability and quality of health care in developing countries through the training and education of local health care providers.