Elaine Tai

Quality Assurance Specialist
Primary Care and Oncology — PGM (API)

Elaine has been a full-time Quality Assurance Specialist within PGM Singapore (API) since January 2006. She was responsible for the product quality assurance of active pharmaceutical ingredients (drug substance. Currently, Elaine is responsible for Ziprasidone's process validation and the QA Lead for the Material and Supplier Qualification Team. Mentoring has always been the highlight of Elaine's key responsibilities, especially in the introduction of new colleagues to the area of product quality assurance.

Elaine has traveled in less developed countries (Tibet, India and Nepal), volunteered with local NGOs and welfare organizations, and provided assistance on overseas medical missions.

As a Fellow, Elaine will focus on the quality assurance aspect for medicines procurement procedures in the International Rescue Committee's Kenya program. She will interview other NGOs for their experiences, assess the supplier qualification program in terms of quality assurance of products, and evaluate the medicine consumption patterns in two refugee camps. Elaine believes her GHF experiences will help her continue to be more agile with change and diversity.

The International Rescue Committee distributes lifesaving aid, rebuilds communities, establishes schools, trains teachers, cares for war-traumatized children, rehabilitates health systems, restores lost livelihoods, and strengthens the capacity of local organizations and institutions. IRC's goal is to help people uprooted by war, civil conflict, and persecution regain hope and rebuild their lives.