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Gudrun Hubinger, PhD
Team lead MIC Germany / Sr. Medical Information Specialist, European Medical Information (EMI) / External Medical Communications (EMC)
Berlin, Germany
NGO Partner: 
Family Health International (FHI)
Assignment Location: 
Accra, Ghana
August 2010 – January 2011
Fellowship Title: 
Malaria Partnership Ghana Project Fellow
Fellow Biography: 

Gudrun joined Medical Information (MI) at Pfizer Corporation Austria, Vienna in 2006 responsible for medical information and communication on all locally promoted Pfizer drugs to health care professionals and patients. Within a couple of years, Gudrun was promoted to Manager, MI, for her exceptional technical knowledge regarding MI processes and Pfizer medications combined with the highest standard of leadership skills, attitude and spirit. In June 2009 she transferred to Pfizer Pharma Germany to head the Medical Information Center (MIC) in Berlin. Later in the year she joined the new European Medical Information (EMI) structure as a Sr. Medical Information Specialist responsible for the products Revatio and Thelin. She was also involved in building and organizing training for the new EMI contact centers in Bulgaria and Sweden, working on new EMI processes, and continuously leading the local MIC group in Germany.

On her assignment with Family Health International (FHI) she will be working on the Pfizer Malaria Partnership — Ghana project, a sustainable model to increase access to effective malaria treatment by training Licensed Chemical Sellers (LCS) on the health care supply side. She will organize and lead trainings of the LCSs in partnership with FHI in Ghana as well as providing capacity building support to stakeholders such as the Pharmacy Council.

Gudrun plans to improve patient awareness, knowledge and treatment-seeking behavior on Malaria, through the LCS in accordance with national policies. She hopes to learn more about the challenges of working in a developing country where better medicines and awareness on treatment opportunities are most needed. She believes she will return from her assignment with a greater understanding of the medical needs of the both developing world and local communities.

Family Health International is a public health and development organization working to improve the lives of the world's most vulnerable people.