Ilan Fogel

Director – RMRS Neuroscience
Specialty Business Unit

Ilan joined Pfizer in November of 2003 as U.S. Medical Director on the Zoloft team. He later joined the Neuroscience team as a Director focusing on key opinion leader relationship development and field-based support of the asset teams.

Ilan has worked as a volunteer in several countries with victims of SCUD missile attacks, terror bombings, and those ill and in need of help. In addition, he has established a foundation in memory of his parents that provides interest-free loans to the poor.

Ilan will be working with mothers2mothers (m2m) as a Pfizer Monitoring and Evaluation Fellow. m2m's programs have expanded exponentially in the past few years, now supporting 517 sites in 7 countries across sub-Saharan Africa. This type of rapid growth has provided opportunities to better evaluate program effectiveness and better define how best to achieve its fundamental goals.

Ilan hopes to return to Pfizer with a newfound ability to look to 'possibility' vs. 'probability'; to confront challenges while equipped with fewer resources; and to demonstrate to colleagues how 'giving back' can help everyone grow, both individually and as the world's "greatest" health care company.

mothers2mothers (m2m) hopes to create an effective, sustainable model of care that provides education and support for pregnant women and new mothers living with HIV/AIDS and to prevent babies from contracting HIV through mother-to-child transmission. They also strive to keep mothers and babies living with HIV/AIDS alive and healthy by increasing their ability to access health-sustaining medical care and to empower mothers to battle the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS in their families and their communities.