Jenny de Gelder
Compliance and Oversight Lead
Capelle aan den IJssel, the Netherlands
NGO Partner: 
Accordia Global Health Foundation (Accordia)
Assignment Location: 
Kampala, Uganda
March 2012 – May 2012
Fellowship Title: 
Prevention Fellow
Fellow Biography: 

Since September 2008, Jenny has worked for Pfizer as a Clinical Research Associate (CRA) for clinical trials in several different indications, but mainly Oncology and Infectious Diseases. As a CRA, she was involved in all parts of clinical research, from selecting and training sites, to making submissions to the Ethics Committees and Competent Authority and ensuring trials were conducted according to all applicable rules and regulations. She has even created local working practices and implementation guidelines. Since April 2011, she has been a clinical operations lead (COL) compliance and oversight lead, mainly for the Oncology trials conducted by a contract research organization (CRO). As a COL, she is responsible for the oversight of the CRO, ensuring that clinical trials are executed to the highest standards and are run as efficiently as possible. Her responsibilities also include facilitating communication between the CRO and local business units to share experiences and expectation.

From 2012-2013, Global Health Fellows will work with the Infectious Diseases Institute (IDI) research team in Uganda to assess and strengthen their capacity to run Phase I-IV clinical trials following global standards. Fellows will assist the clinical trials unit on all aspects of management structure, including developing standard operating procedures on data & quality measures & training materials. They will assist on all aspects of managing trials including developing operating procedures, implementing data & quality measures & training staff. Fellows work will contribute to IDI's goal of being the premier service provider for patients with infectious diseases.

One of Jenny's professional goals has been to work in an international environment. Through her Fellowship, Jenny hopes to become more creative in resolving issues and doing more with less. She believes her Fellowship will broaden her world view and help her be more open to diverse ideas. As a Fellow she hopes to gain experience working within a different culture and communicating with people of various cultural backgrounds.

Accordia Global Health Foundation is working to overcome the burden of infectious diseases by building health care capacity and strengthening academic medical institutions in Africa. Accordia does this through establishing Centers of Excellence for advancing and promoting the highest quality standards of infectious disease care through original research and healthcare workforce training. The Infectious Disease Institute (IDI) in Kampala, Uganda is Accordia's flagship program. Achieved through public-private partnership and multi-institutional collaboration, IDI serves as the model for sustainable, locally-owned, regional centers of excellence. IDI offers high quality training for health workers; research on best practices related to HIV in low resource settings; and advanced clinical services that support the development of new models of care.