Jenny Gregorio

Technical Expert – Clinical Research Nurse
Global Research & Development / Development Operations / Core Clinical Site

Since April 2005, Mark has worked as a Technical Expert/Clinic Research Nurse at the Pfizer New Haven Clinical Research Unit. Most recently, Mark assumed Medical Provider roles as an Adult Nurse Practitioner at the Phase I Unit. In his current role, Mark is responsible for ensuring clinical trials are conducted in accordance with scientific, medical and ethical principles, and within regulatory requirements and guidelines. Mark is also responsible for study participants' safety and welfare, accurate interpretation and execution of research protocols, nursing assessments of physiologic response to drug administration, emergency interventions, and superior data collection. Mark also volunteers at AIDS Project in New Haven as a kitchen assistant.

During his Fellowship, Mark will work directly with medical and nursing staff at the local health centers affiliated with FHI to ensure quality patient care and services are provided. In addition, Mark will provide support to set up and/or improve management systems, gather and collect useful statistical patient data, develop policies, procedures, and clinic Standard-Operating-Procedures, as well as train key staff and personnel in delivering systematic quality health care to clients.

Mark hopes to learn more about the health care issues surrounding primary care and sexually transmitted diseases/sexually transmitted infections management in Papua New Guinea. To find both common ground as well as unique ways to address health care issues, Mark wants to learn more about the nursing aspects of patient care delivered to patients in Papua New Guinea and the daily challenges that the local health centers face.

Family Health International is a dynamic organization working worldwide to address comprehensive health issues and their consequences in resource-challenged settings. FHI emphasizes strategy development to respond to the HIV/AIDS pandemic and other infectious diseases, as well as sexually transmitted infections, unintended pregnancies, and other related reproductive health concerns.