Kui Huang

Worldwide Safety Strategy

As an epidemiologist at Worldwide Safety Strategy, Kui is responsible for developing epidemiologic research strategies throughout a product's lifecycle in several therapeutic areas including Lipitor, Celebrex, Exubera, Xalatan, and Macugen. Her work has involved designing and implementing observational peri– and post–approval safety studies. Kui joined Pfizer in 2004 after finishing her doctoral training.

On her Fellowship assignment, Kui will serve as a Market Researcher in Beijing, China, for The Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs (AAHRPP). She will be involved in conducting a need assessment, developing an accreditation plan, educating and training government officials and clinical researchers on research ethics and ethical standards for conducting clinical studies. Consequently, these activities will help to improve human research subject protections by increasing the number of research sites earning AAHRPP accreditation in China.

Kui hopes her experience as a Fellow will be both life changing and a highly productive professional development experience. She thinks this experience in under–resourced settings will also help her gain global perspectives and open her eyes to new skills, insights, and approaches to her work at Pfizer. In addition, she hopes her experience will help her look at problem solving differently and enhance her influencing and negotiation skills.

AAHRPP is a non–profit organization that accredits high–quality human research protection programs in order to promote excellent, ethically sound research. Through partnerships with research organizations, researchers, sponsors, and the public, AAHRPP encourages effective, efficient, and innovative systems of protection for human research participants.