Nedra Hoffman

Professional Healthcare Representative

A Sales Professional with King Pharmaceuticals since 2003, Nedra started with Pfizer in October 2011. Currently, she works selling and promoting pain medications to clinicians in Brooklyn, New York. With King, as a Senior Specialty Pain Representative, she also trained co-workers on medications and worked on advocacy measures related to the co-morbidities of chronic pain and opioid abuse, concurrently earning a Masters in International Public Health. Nedra has volunteered on domestic and international health improvement projects, including a short stay with a health clinic in Cape Town, South Africa.

Population Services International's (PSI's) 2012-2013 partnership with Global Health Fellows will focus on increasing the efficiency and effectiveness with which PSI distributes family planning and maternal health products. To ensure products are available to hard to reach clients, PSI needs consistent and reliable sales and distribution systems. Fellows will assess current sales, procurement and warehousing practices and develop a toolkit to help PSI introduce enhancements which will be shared with PSI offices around the world. During her Fellowship in Uganda, Nedra will work closely with co-Fellows with PSI in Rwanda and Tanzania.

Upon returning to Pfizer, she hopes to apply her improved organizational, sales and leadership skills, and to share renewed inspiration with her customers and co-workers.

Population Services International is the world's leading nonprofit social marketing organization, operating in more than 60 developing countries. PSI creates demand for essential health products and services by using private sector marketing techniques and innovative communications campaigns.