Nyasha Manyonda

Senior Finance Auditor
Corporate Audit

Nyasha has worked in Corporate Audit as a Senior Finance Auditor since February 2007. She is responsible for assessing Pfizer's compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Healthcare Compliance Laws and Pfizer Corporate Policies. She shares best practices with colleagues and provides recommendations to senior management at Pfizer markets across the globe. She also supports strategic initiatives including Corporate Audit Risk Monitoring and the Guest Auditor Program. Nyasha is a Certified Public Accountant and she is the founder of an organization which supports poverty eradication through economic empowerment of disenfranchised artisans in her native country Zimbabwe.

On her Fellowship, Nyasha will assist with the design, development and implementation of standards for the conduct of regular internal audit reviews. She will also evaluate the organization's internal control environment and systems and support the implementation of automated controls.

Nyasha is proud and excited to use her experience and knowledge to give back and help make a difference in a part of the world that is close to her heart. Growing up in Africa, she was aware of the devastating stigma associated with HIV and AIDS. Hundreds of people died from ignorance, lack of education on prevention and lack of access to family or medical support. As a result, Nyasha has a strong appreciation for the impact of health programs on the economic growth and development of Africa. She especially looks forward to observing how these attitudes and behaviors are being transformed across the continent using the simple but highly effective and sustainable model of care adopted by Mothers2Mothers.

mothers2mothers (m2m) uses education and empowerment to prevent mother to child transmission of HIV/AIDS during pregnancy, support a mothers adherence to medical treatment, and reduce the likelihood of AIDS orphans.