Philippe Grandin

Senior Project Leader
Pfizer Global Supply

Philippe joined Pfizer in August 1993. He held various positions with increasing responsibilities in the Amboise plant in the Engineering, Manufacturing and Quality Control departments. More recently, he has been responsible for the PGS site transformation project "AMBition2011" to improve plant competitiveness and to develop colleagues' engagement. He is in charge of the overall project coordination and associated communication. Philippe has developed strong competencies in plant management and project management.

On his assignment, Philippe will work in Kenya to assess and increase the efficiency of the drug management system, to improve drug procurement, stock management, and integrity of the drug supply chain. He will work alongside colleagues from AMPATH to help develop a robust system.

Through his Fellowship experience, Philippe hopes to develop the ability to work in very diverse environments with multi cultural teams and to gain new insights into the needs of people living in developing countries.

The Academic Model Providing Access to Healthcare (AMPATH) is a partnership between Kenya's Moi University School of Medicine, Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, and a consortium of U.S. medical schools led by Indiana University. Providing both clinic- and community-based pharmacy services, the initiative addresses health care system barriers, like education and infrastructure, which prevent the dissemination of high-quality care in resource-deprived Kenya. AMPATH treats over 120,000 HIV-positive patients at 23 sites in both urban and rural Kenya.