Shaun Stewart

District Business Manager, Regional Business Unit - West
Primary Care

Shaun has worked for Pfizer since November 1997 in sales and marketing, currently serving as a District Sales Manager in Southern California. Currently, he is responsible for the sales and development of 10 representatives focused on primary care products associated with Urology and Cardiology.

On his assignment with Population Services International (PSI), Shaun will support a Malawi platform focused on HIV prevention, reproductive health care, malaria and water-borne disease prevention. This assignment includes marketing, preparation of standard operating procedures and working directly with site staff.

From his GHF experience, Shaun will learn more about the challenges of health care in developing nations and how private sector techniques can enhance the sustainability of non-governmental organization (NGO) efforts. Shaun believes heýll return from his assignment with an enhanced understanding of Pfizerýs potential role in global health care and a greater understanding of the developing worldýs health care needs.

Population Services International is the worldýs leading nonprofit social marketing organization, operating in more than 60 developing countries. PSI creates demand for essential health products and services by using private sector marketing techniques and innovative communications campaigns to encourage healthy behavior and make markets work for the poor.