Sofie Williams

Senior Trade Operations Manager

During ten years at Pfizer, Sofia has managed a Trade Operations team of 50, which provides full operational and strategic support to all Pfizer business units and their initiatives, including the implementation of Pfizer's revolutionary "direct to pharmacy" distribution model — Pfizer Direct in Australia. Trade operations manage all order fulfilment activities and customer interactions with over 5,000 pharmacies, hospitals and wholesalers.

Sofia is passionate about helping her community. She has assisted in an orphanage in Ukraine with "Ukrainian Humanitarian Initiative," and has volunteered over many years with organizations ranging from the Red Cross, World Vision, the Salvation Army, Meals on Wheels, Christian Community Aid, and at the Anglicare Aged Care facility in Australia.

These diverse experiences will serve Sofia well in her Fellowship with PharmAccess. Pharmaccess works with small private pharmacies and health care facilities to improve their business operations and ensure they are equipped to provide quality medicines to patients in need. The 2012 Fellows supported efforts to address supply chain challenges such as disruptions and stock-outs and trained providers on quality control practices and standards. The 2013 Global Health Fellows will fine-tune and test of the quality standards that were developed by the 2012 Fellows. Sofia's Fellowship will focus on training in best practices in business strategy and finance functions. She will be responsible for structuring micro-finance loan program in cooperation with local banks and the Medical Credit Fund staff.

Sofia is looking forward to utilizing her 25 years of Customer and Operations Management experience to help achieve the goal of making good health care accessible to underserved populations in the community that she will be living and working through her work with PharmAccess in Nairobi.

She hopes to bring back an enhanced understanding of the global marketplace and a fresh perspective back to her team at Pfizer.

PharmAccess Foundation is a fast growing international organization aiming to improve access to affordable quality basic health care in low-income countries in Africa at the bottom of the pyramid.