Tracy E. Sienko
Quality Specialist/Lab Associate
Kalamazoo, Michigan
NGO Partner: 
PharmAccess Foundation
Assignment Location: 
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
April 2012 – September 2012
Fellowship Title: 
Entrepreneurship Fellow
Fellow Biography: 

Tracy has been with Pfizer since 2000. With a background in Raw/Purchased Materials, Tracy has broad knowledge of incoming testing requirements worldwide from both quality control and quality assurance vantage points, on standards that meet global requirements. She has also been a Susan G. Komen Foundation volunteer and committee member for the past 8 years.

PharmAccess works with small private pharmacies and health care facilities to improve their business operations and ensure they are equipped to provide quality medicines to patients in need. Global Health Fellows will support efforts to address supply chain challenges such as disruptions and stock-outs. They will also train providers on quality control practices and standards. Additionally, one fellowship will focus on training in best practices in business strategy and management functions. In her fellowship, Tracy will focus on introducing best practices in quality assurance and control.

From her fellowship experience, Tracy hopes to increase her knowledge base. Working with different officials and the community in Tanzania, she will learn the struggles that country has in receiving materials in a controlled environment. This will help Tracy understand the importance of her role at Pfizer, and help her bring relevant knowledge to help address customer's needs.

PharmAccess Foundation is a fast growing international organization aiming to improve access to affordable quality basic health care in low-income countries in Africa at the bottom of the pyramid.