Yvette Aucoin

Pharmaceutical Healthcare Representative

Yvette has worked with Pfizer for 13 years in various roles as a Professional Healthcare Representative and Therapeutic Sales Representative. Currently, she is selling and promoting pain medications to clinicians in Rockville, Maryland.

Yvette will be serving as a Fellow with Population Services International (PSI). PSI's 2012-2013 partnership with GHF will focus on increasing the efficiency and effectiveness with which PSI distributes family planning and maternal health products. To ensure products are available to remote clients, PSI needs consistent and reliable sales and distribution systems. Fellows will assess current sales, procurement and warehousing practices and develop a toolkit to help PSI introduce enhancements which will be shared with PSI offices around the world.

For the past five year, Yvette has participated in multiple international medical mission trips. She has made repeat mission visits to Haiti and Brazil. Through her experiences with GHF, Yvette hopes to refine and enhance her skills innovating and problem solving. She believes her strategic thinking capabilities and ingenuity will be strengthened as she approaches new opportunities and challenges in a different culture. Upon returning, Yvette expects to be more resourceful and to really understand what ýdoing less with moreý means. She plans to use her increased knowledge to educate and motivate others to play an active role in supporting underserved communities.

Population Services International is the world's leading nonprofit social marketing organization, operating in more than 60 developing countries. PSI creates demand for essential health products and services by using private sector marketing techniques and innovative communications campaigns.

Yvette Aucoin