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Independent Grant Process

Pfizer is continuously striving to improve its process with the goal of ensuring regulatory compliance while providing independent grants to support initiatives that accelerate the translation of clinical science into quality patient care.



Track 1 – Healthcare Quality Improvement & Education

The 2015 Strategic Global Priorities for Healthcare Quality Improvement & Education are:

  • Vaccines
  • Oncology
  • Pain & Inflammation
  • Infectious Disease
  • Women's Health

RFPs will be posted on the website. In addition, they will also be disseminated through e-mail to all registered organizations. IGL&C expects to release 2-3 RFPs per clinical area per year. Please visit the Request for Proposals section of this site for details regarding open RFPs.

Track 2 – Knowledge Gap

Knowledge Gap grants will focus on educational strategies specially designed to close gaps in knowledge and improve competence in certain clinical areas, as identified through needs assessment and other data that would support this type of strategy. Types of funding currently available include:

  • Annual Meeting Support: Eligible providers can request funding to support LIVE national and regional conferences and congresses. CLICK HERE to view the 2015 clinical areas of interest and goals as well as submission deadlines.
  • Call for Grant Applications (CGA): In certain clinical areas, a Call for Grant Application (CGA) will also be posted. The CGA will describe (1) the clinical area of interest, (2) the approximate total budget available, (3) the rationale behind the need for knowledge-driven education or assessment, (4) the outcome-reporting required, and (5) what information must be in the application.  To view previously posted CGAs that are closed (and not accepting applications) please click here.
    • Currently open CGAs:
CGA Submission Deadline
Migraine Associated with Menses July 28, 2015
Rheumatoid Arthritis and Comorbid Conditions August 21, 2015
Metastatic Breast Cancer September 1, 2015

 Clinical Areas Reviewed through Joint Alliances/Partnerships

  • Thrombosis Prevention / Anti-coagulation

    Pfizer and Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS) are working together on grants in support of thrombosis /anticoagulation-related education. The goal of this education is to decrease the unmet medical needs in the prevention and treatment of venous and arterial thrombosis.

    Organizations eligible to apply for grants include hospitals, academic medical centers, schools of nursing or pharmacy, professional societies and associations. Pfizer’s office of Independent Grants for Learning & Change (IGL&C) does not provide direct funding to Medical Education and Communication Companies and therefore, requests from these organizations are not reviewed through our Joint Alliance. For further information on Pfizer's policies or for any questions, please contact Pfizer’s office of Independent Grants for Learning & Change via email at All grant applications should be submitted to Bristol Myers Squibb only. Please refer to the Bristol Myers Squibb website for information.


Organizations Eligible to Receive Grants and Process Overview

Pfizer is committed to supporting healthcare quality improvement initiatives, continuing professional development and other independent education activities, including CME/CE, that are most likely to improve patient health, and believe that the likelihood of improving patient health increases when education is integrated with quality. We believe commercial support should be aligned with the literature on effective continuing education for health professionals, and the highest level of standards endorsed by the medical community such as those found in the 2006 ACCME criteria.

Patients are best served when commercial support is provided to those organizations that are engaged in patient care or represent those who deliver patient care. These organizations are in the best position to achieve the highest recognized standards of quality in the medical profession today.

We continue to support proposals that include services from other stakeholder groups as we believe many of these organizations provide a valuable and often essential supportive role that is valued by the medical profession.

Types of organizations eligible to apply for grants include hospitals, academic medical centers, schools of nursing or pharmacy, professional societies and associations, and other institutions specializing in specific healthcare-related disciplines (e.g., public health, quality improvement). View further details about eligibility.

View the full description of the grant application process.



Throughout the year Independent Grants for Learning & Change (IGL&C) may send out communications directly to registered users of the Pfizer Grant Management System (GMS) with regard to important and time-sensitive topics (e.g., change in policy, changes in process or procedures, system enhancements). Such communications are posted below for your reference in descending chronological order.

In addition to announcements prepared by IGL&C, posted below you will find other reference materials such as our response to the ACCME in September regarding the June 2008 Policy Announcement and Request for Comments.

Date Posted Description Link
02/28/15 IGL&C Sunshine FAQ - updated Feb 2015
10/02/13 Press Release: International Atherosclerosis Society And Pfizer Independent Grants For Learning & Change Collaborate On New Grant Opportunity
08/30/13 Sunshine FAQ following IGL&C webinar
08/01/13 Sunshine Act: Final Regulations and Implications for our Independent Grants Program
04/08/13 Pfizer IGL&C announces new name
01/02/13 NEW online Grant Management System
09/13/12 Women's Health Platform
02/07/12 FAQ about new model
01/03/12 Pfizer MEG announces new model
12/27/11 Seeking nominations for External Review Panel Members
03/25/11 Pfizer Medical Education Group — King integration
11/04/09 Pfizer's support of ACCME Transparency Statement
10/20/09 Pfizer Medical Education Group – integration
12/03/08 Change in Pfizer's CME Grant Policy pursuant to state Attorneys General settlement-CME faculty with promotional speaking involvement
9/15/08 Pfizer's response to ACCME Call for Comments
7/18/08 Statement on Pfizer's recent policy change re CME support
7/18/08 FAQs re Pfizer's recent policy change re CME support
7/02/08 Pfizer announces policy change re CME support


File Description

Approved Full Proposal Final Report Overview

Upon completion of a project funded through a Request for Proposal (RFP), grant recipients will be asked to complete a "Full Proposal Final Report". This is a copy of the final report questions that will be asked.

Approved Full Proposal Interim Report Overview


Throughout the lifecycle of a project funded through a Request for Proposal (RFP), grant recipients will be asked to complete a "Full Proposal Interim Report". This is a copy of the interim report questions that will be asked.

Request for Scope Change

If a request for a timeline extension/scope change is received by Pfizer, a report will be assigned to the Grant Requestor in the Grant Management System. This is a copy of the questions that will be asked. 


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