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Expert–Led Forums

Expert–Led Forums


About expert-led forums

They provide a way for doctors to educate their peers on important topics: Pfizer's speakers are health care professionals who spend years building expertise in their fields. They work with us to help educate and inform their peers about areas such as:

  • The treatment uses, risks and benefits of our medicines
  • A specific health condition or disease state
  • Patient care and treatment options

We require content to be grounded in science and free of any misleading information: We require that all Pfizer speakers be fully briefed on the laws and rules that apply to industry-sponsored promotional presentations about medicines to ensure that any information discussed about our products is grounded in science and consistent with FDA rules.


How patients benefit

Patients are more likely to have well-informed health care providers: Doctors and other health care professionals who attend these programs receive valuable information about the benefits and risks of our medicines, which, in turn, may be used to make treatment decisions for the benefit of patients.


How attendees benefit

Health care professionals have a chance to keep up with the latest information: Health care professionals who attend a program can learn about different treatment options, hear the firsthand experience of other doctors or health care professionals, and ask questions of these experts to become better informed. Attending this type of event allows your doctor to keep up with the latest information about our products to help them care for your health.


How Pfizer benefits

We are able to provide detailed information about our medicines and facilitate questions: This form of professional peer-to-peer information exchange enables Pfizer-engaged experts to present detailed information about diseases and the benefits and risks of our medicines, and further enables your doctor to ask questions about their uses and patient experiences.


Policies that govern expert-led forums

Each speaker at a Pfizer-sponsored informational program is required to:

Be aware of the laws and regulations that promote quality and honesty: Be fully briefed on the laws and regulations that apply to Pfizer promotional presentations about our products to ensure that any information discussed is grounded in science and complies with FDA requirements.

Avoid presenting any inaccurate or misleading information: Clearly identify that Pfizer is sponsoring the presentation, that the speaker is presenting on behalf of Pfizer, and that the speaker is presenting information that is consistent with FDA guidelines.

In addition, all Pfizer-sponsored presentations must be consistent with FDA-approved product labeling and must fairly balance the benefit and risk information relating to any Pfizer product discussed.

Speakers must be in good standing: Pfizer ensures that the health care professionals we engage as speakers are in good standing with the Department of Health & Human Services Office of Inspector General, the Food & Drug Administration and the U.S. General Services Administration.

Compensation of speakers for Pfizer

Basis of the compensation: Speakers for Pfizer are paid according to fair market value guidelines which are based on:

  • The health care professional's specific qualifications
  • The amount of time necessary to provide the requested service

Reimbursement of expenses: If it's appropriate, we may also cover travel or food expenses incurred in connection with their consulting engagements.

Who is, and who is not, compensated:

  • Only the expert speaker is paid for his work at these forums.
  • Pfizer does not pay health care professionals to attend these presentations.

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