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In–Office Information Sessions

In–Office Information Sessions

About in-office information sessions

What they are: An in-office session takes place when a member of Pfizer's sales force conducts discussions with health care professionals in the medical office or hospital setting.

What they are designed to do: These sessions enable members of Pfizer's sales force to:

  • Present promotional information about our medicines
  • Share relevant information like new study results and important safety updates
  • Learn what questions your doctor has about our medicines and their uses
  • Obtain important feedback from your doctor about her experiences using our medicines

The quality of the information shared: Pfizer is committed to ensuring the information shared by our representatives:

  • Is in line with Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved labeling
  • Fairly balances the benefit and risk information relating to any Pfizer product discussed

How patients benefit

Patients are more likely to have well-informed health care providers: By keeping your physician up-to-date on our medicines, he or she will have all of the information needed to make the best treatment decisions for you.

How your health care professional benefits

Health care professionals have a chance to keep up with the latest information: Your doctor must balance time spent keeping up with new information about diseases and medicines with seeing and providing care to patients like you.

In-office meetings take less time away from providing patient care: Conducting product information exchanges in the health care professional's office enables him or her to learn more about our medicines without taking valuable time away from patient care.

How Pfizer benefits

We have a chance to share information about our products: Informing your doctor about our medicines and directing him or her to new studies is a key part of how Pfizer tells your doctor about the value of our products.

We learn more about how our medicines are being used and what questions people have: These in-office meetings also enable Pfizer to hear about your doctor's firsthand experiences with our medicines and can help lead to improvements in their design and use.

Policies that govern in-office information sessions

We have policies governing sales and marketing: Our sales force follows our ethical sales and marketing policies when conducting in-office information visits.

We have policies governing the cost of meals: Additionally, any meals offered in connection with information presentations must be modest and provided in a manner conducive to informational communication.

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